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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rising From The Ashes Like A Dark Phoenix...AGAIN...

Hello lovelies!
   Yes, I know. The last post I posted I was blabbing around how this cool guy was making his blogging return. But just like everything I do in life, I got bored easily and gave up...Kidding! But truth is I did get quite busy with work so I used my free time to relax and not think of work.

ANYWAYS, guess who is in the new season of the Next Great Baker?! This guy!!! I am super excited to bring drama to the show with my fellow teammate Aimee Anderson! There is a lot of stress and drama in this show and I will be exclusively talking shit after every episode (Or everyone maybe?) in this blog! I will also be live tweeting during the show in my personal twitter account @josebarajas, not the business one which you should be following as well, @mmmcakes86.

I have attached to this post our official press release so you guys can get an insight on what to expect on the show and a little intro on the two new permanent judges and also a bit about the competitors.

Hope you all have a lovely week and I shall talk to you soon!

Seriously, soon means next week, not in one year like last time. =)

Click Here for Official Press Release