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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mean texts, circus freaks and sugar weaves...

Happy Sunday people! I guess you can consider this as my first blog since it's not an intro and just about cakes really. So, this week was long and busy! Total of 4 cakes! Yes, I did have my energy drinks throughout my cake adventure, I know a lot of people tell me that I need to stop drinking them, but it's either that or crack. =P. ok let begin with the first cake of the week:

Friday, December 2 - Birthday Cake with a dozen matching Cupcakes - Deliver time: 4 p.m.

So this cake I already made a while back during someone's birthday when the Royal Wedding was going on. This cake is one that The Caketress, an amazing cake decorator in Canada, created, and I replicated with matching cupcakes. Everything went perfect, the hand painted design, the fondant ruffles, etc. only one big boo boo... The filling. So when my dear friend told me about this cake she informed me that the filling should be pistachio with tiny pieces of chocolate. I have made pistachio cakes like nobody's business, except I have never and accidentally didn't add the chocolate. At this point I'm at a #$#^&^& moment and my friend is sending me "I'm gonna smack you" texts (she really didn't, she's a sweetheart and joked around with me) So that goes to tell you that I have made a million cake errors in my past an they will continue just like we all do.

On to the next!

Saturday December 3 - 2 Circus Cakes to serve 20 guests each and a dozen Circus Cupcakes - Delivery time: 10 a.m.

So pretty much Friday was a 16 hour day, completing the cake due that day plus trying to work on all three of Saturdays cakes. Entering my Saturday I have already downed a 5 hour energy, and 2 16 oz Red Bulls and only 5 hours of sleep (I spoiled myself and gave myself an extra hour) waking up at 4 am I managed to do the final touches to the circus cupcakes and cakes for two brothers, one was turning 1 and the other 3. They weren't all the big to begin with. Oh and like a dork, I forgot to take pictures of them. =|

On to the big finale!

Saturday, December 3 - Rapunzel Tower Cake to serve 60 - Delivery time: 12:30 p.m.

Everyone thinks, "ok it doesn't matter if this cake doesn't come out ok, it's just for family" WRONG!!! My family IS my biggest critics! They have seen all my cake that they themselves have now a professional eye for cakes. It sucks for me in a way that I wanna push them out of a moving car, but then I appreciate the productive criticism. This cake was for my little cousin Alexandra which is turning 3 later on this December but my aunt decided to do the party early to prevent and rain delays. I made the cake while my mother was making cake pops, dipped pretzels, dipped marshmallows, my sister in law was making the dress cookies, and my cousin made these awesome apples that looked like Rapunzels dress! I had my dad prep the structural support for me since this cake is more top heavy than anything else and don't wanna deliver the cake, then attend a party with a smashed cake. I had a wooden cake board with a long steel rod, covered it in foil an started stacking the cakes. I didn't add the house part til I got to the party, then I added Rapunzel, then the hair, then finito! (lots of then pheeew!) The grass is made out of airbrushed coconut and royal icing pipe work for the vines. Everything else is fondant. She loved it!

This was a super busy week, but very rewarding. Committed a big error, but let's hope it just stays to a filling error and not a cake disaster. Now time for some R&R before the next apocalypse in cakeland...

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