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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sugar High!

Hi everyone!

So last weeks episode was Sugar High! Buddy asked us to make a cake using 100 lbs. of candy for a kids party at Dylan's Candy Bar! How exciting was that! The only catch was that WE had to choose our own partners, ugh. Back to school we go. I told Aimee to back up to the last table and let people choose us and even before we got a chance to get to the back I see Lia reaching out for my hand and, of course, I reach out as well. I love her's and Al's style of buttercream and airbrushing work that they were very essential and important in this group. Then, Don and Meredith come and join in which was even more perfect!

It did make me feel bad at first because David and Elaine (Our back 4 peeps) didn't get to join in and were left with the other teams. Just out of pure strategy (No offense to the other teams) we told David (As did Kai) to join her group with Rox, Al, and Manny. They were the top competitors last week so of course we think David and Elaine have a greater chance of advancing. Either way this challenge was gonna bring everyone's child at heart so it will be a neck and neck battle.

Once we were allowed to run an collect our candy I introduced the idea of doing a cake inspired by... here we go... see if you all guessed it right.... Wreck it Ralph! Of course they cant say that because of copyrights and their is no character likeness at all but this is something I loved and had me thinking about my godson the entire time. Thankfully no drama with the idea initiative with the team because they rock, but we all knew what we had to do with the cake.

Al and Don created the base and built the mammoth mountain and iced with with perfection since Al is a crackhead when it comes to buttercream. The girls started sorting candies out (this was a time eater, and Aimee a candy eater) Lia was pulling sugar from the lollipops, Aimee and Meredith were making fine details with smaller pieced of candy. The cake turned out amazing once we all united, everything fell in perfect place... except my turntable, F***!!! Oh well, hope we don't lose points for that.

David, Elaine, Kai, Rox, Al, and Manny's cake was unreal. Again, another wonderful piece. It sucked Buddy got irritated about the not enough cake, but I understood because last week majority relied on but wood piece so he wanted more cake. I learned my lesson about backs exposed so I made sure everything was encrusted with candy in the back. Also the only bad thing was there wasn't that much actual candy used. But it was a very gorgeous candy inspired cake and reminded me of somewhere the Ninja Turtles would go to and fight a candy monster.

The last cake was DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! The vision could of been executed perfectly, but the problem was that if someone takes the leadership position, the agree to oversee the entire operation. It's not babysitting because they keep asking you questions or have trouble with something and they want you to go and show them how its done. They just want you to approve everything since you designed it. I did see Bethany take a semi leadership position with hesitation because the time is almost out and the cake wasnt up to par with their skill work. I don't blame her at all but I was glad she continued on to complete the work with her teammates. Props to Julie for calming Danielle down before she would continue an argument with an already mad Jennifer. Jennifer is a sweetheart but everyone has to understand that we signed up to win big money to help with our careers and our personal lives so of course we will have a tiff and collide with other teams. Fred's sugar piece was amazing, but I wish he could of done something that goes in sync with the rest of the cake, maybe like a giant sugar lollipop that replaces the one that got ripped off???

Delivery was a B. I. T. *. *. TRYING TO DELIVER A CAKE ON SPIRAL STEPS IN NEW YORK WHILE PEOPLE WATCH AND GET IN FRONT OF YOU TO TAKE PICS IS NOT COOL! Lucking ours arrive in one piece and so did everyone else's! I think this challenges most rewarding part was watching the smiles on all the kids faces. I think we all enjoyed this challenge because we got to act like kids but we all kids (cousins, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, etc.) that are important to us at home and this challenge for me reminded me of them when I bring them their birthday cakes and their reaction was the same as their. Totally worth it!

On to judgement... We WON!!! We won both judges and kids vote. It was a great feeling and couldn't be more proud with the teams Aimee and I paired up with! Unfortunately, Teal, Pink, and Purple were in the chopping block.

All I have to say is WOW. Loss due to time... I would have never expected that to happen. They tried to impress by tempering their own chocolate (which it was) but for an elimination challenge, simple coating chocolate would have saved you. I wish Fred and Barry much luck. They are great guys. Hopefully I see them this week when I head out to Vegas!!! Get the fancy dessert ready for me guys!

Hope you all enjoyed this episodes blog. Don't forget to see next episode! I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about after watching the preview of this coming episode. Peace!

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